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Football Training 2018


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Coach Pen

The Making of a Master Trainer
With over 20 years coaching and training experience, Coach Pene Talamaivao began his
passion for football at the age of 12 playing for his local Pop Warner league in Southern California.  

In high school, he was a key defensive player for the Giants at Ganesha High School in Pomona, California where his dedication, hard work and talents were soon recognized and he was recruited to play for the University of Utah.
In 2015, Coach Pen was ranked #56 (Deseret News) of the 100 best players in Ute's school history.  They acknowledged his Utah career total of 113 tackles, 15 tackles for loss and 11 pass break-ups and a sack.  In 2016 Coach Pen is enshrined with the Class of 1994 Football Team at the University of Utah Football Hall of Fame.  
Playing in the Pro's
Coach Pen was scouted to play professionally and for the next 9 seasons he participated in many professional platforms including the Buffalo Bills (NFL), the San Diego Chargers (NFL) and the Amsterdam Admirals (NFL Europe).  He was also a member of the San Francisco Demons (Xtreme Football League), the Ottawa Renegades (Canadian Football League) and the Detroit Fury (Arena Football League).

PTP Built
Upon the end of his professional career he immediately went to work, building his reputation as a top high-end trainer/coach.  Armed with experience, training knowledge and a credible background, he used all the experience he gained to write the Nemesis Elite Training program that targets all football players.  Coach Pen felt a calling to share his passion and skills with the youth of his community and uses Nemesis Elite Training as a base for PTP Sports.  He poured his knowledge, valuable life lessons and most importantly, "Mana" (unconditional love) to help many student athletes pursue their future sporting careers.

Coach Pen has always put the kids first and has helped volunteer coach several national (All Poly Sports) and international training camps (Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation) with their own successful programs.  He believes in giving back to his community and gives 100 percent of himself to each trainee he encounters.  Pac 12, players nationwide, as well as past and current NFL players continuously accredit PTP Sports and (particularly) Coach Pen for fostering and sharpening their skills.

Currently, Coach Pen is the Defensive Line and Strength/Conditioning Coach for Riverside City College where during the 2014, 2015 and 2016 seasons he has helped the Tigers to three conference championships.
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What To Expect

Prime Time Polynesian Sports is an "all positions" football training clinic for student athletes ages 7 - 18.  The training utilized is Nemesis Elite II.  Clinics start January and end May/June of the current year.  Clinics lasts 2 - 2 1/2 (half) hours and scheduled every Saturday until May/June of each year.  There are various locations so be sure to check our website for the most current information for times and dates for each location.   

The program that fuels Prime Time Polynesian Sports clinics is Nemesis Elite II.  Nemesis Elite II is an intense, position specific and conditioning program.  The training is a progression of phases that is necessary to complete one cycle.  Each phase is 3 - 4 weeks.  Once a phase is completed, the next phase is introduced until all 5 phases are completed. Once the cycle is completed student athletes are ready and primed to make the transition into football season with their various schools/leagues.  

Prime Time Polynesian also incorporates Polynesian values such as family, mana (unconditional love), integrity and respect during training.  These components contribute to our PTP trainees competitive edge both on and off the grid iron. 


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