Personal Training

PTP Sports personal training and is available for both personal and group training. Through hard work and dedication, athletes who join the ranks of PTP student athletes perform at the highest caliber. This intense training program was developed to push athletes past their comfort zone and show them what they are truly capable of.

Forged by PTP

There is a reason why it's rare to find a top-rated recruit who doesn't have a personal trainer. Sports are getting more competitive and you need someone to train you properly. Depending on your football goals we offer a variety of training classes (strength, speed, and position training) that will help your student-athlete accomplish their objectives.

  • Ages 7-18
  • 10 Levels
  • Personal Training
  • Group Training
  • Results Based
  • Position Specific Training
  • OLine/DLine Training

High Velocity Interval Training

Combining cardio and strength training elevates your physique to a new level

Core Conditioning

Improves overall athletic performance, increases balance, raw power, and reduces injury risk

Advanced Football Mechanics

Targeting maximum precision in football technique develops muscle builds instinctual players


Training sessions can be purchased by the hour long session for $60 or purchased in packages for better value.


Package Pricing