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Welcome to PTP Sports, we offer - Training, Camps, 7v7 Teams, and 5v5 Lineman Tournaments.  We have been helping student-athletes for over 8 years.  Our awesome team of coaches with varying experiences and perspectives have one goal in mind and that is to teach and empower our athletes for success both on and off the gridiron.  Fostering our Polynesian traditions which revere family, respect, honor, and alofa (unconditional love), these values are integrated into the methods, standards, training and coaching styles.  The impact and emphasis on these values will evoke confidence beyond the sport and ultimately serve athletes in their life, community, and family.

Sign up today and become a member of our PTP family.  Members will receive the latest information about our clinics, camps, and tournaments.  Our PTP Sports coaches and staff look forward to working with you.     

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Phone: (909) 438-1088